Vates Somalia

Vates Somalia is a locally owned and operated Risk Management, Human Resources, Security, and Logistics Consultancy which provides personnel, advice, and support services to individual clients, multi-national corporations, organisations, and international governments in Somalia. We have in place all requisite business and security licenses with state and federal government offices and, therefore, are uniquely positioned to support clients’ operations throughout the country. Our intelligence-led operational techniques and support services are designed to effectively mitigate threats and risks impacting our clients’ personnel and operations. Our primary office is based in Mogadishu, with regional hubs providing support services and human resource management through effective recruiting, vetting, and hiring of local and international personnel, enabling investment and other critical operations essential to the security, reconstruction and development of Somalia.

Our management team has extensive experience in solving complex issues and managing large international projects and operations, with proven methods and procedures in support of international compliance standards. We effectively implement these procedures to mitigate risk, with local support networks extending to all regions of Somalia. Our in depth understanding, local knowledge and countrywide networks assist in the development and implementation of courses of action to effectively manage local political and security issues, through our ability to engage at all levels including at the community level, and both Federal and State government institutions.

Our clients benefit from our local knowledge, experience, and approach combining international and Somali expertise, with long-standing links into federal and regional governments as well as security agencies throughout Somalia. We effectively enable governments, investors and organisations to mitigate operational and reputational risks through our local engagement strategies intended to ensure projects are delivered without incident, on time, and in budget.  

Risk Management

Vates Somalia has an extensive network and portfolio of highly experienced local and international security management professionals should companies or organisations require an embedded Security Advisor. Particularly when organisations do not yet have an existing operational/ security platform in the country, this service may be invaluable for project security planning, security management plan development, emergency response planning, security related assessments, hostile environment awareness training, supervision and other security-related activities as required by company management. Many of our personnel have formerly served with Special Operations Forces units and can be deployed on short or long-term engagements as required by the customer. 

All Vates Somalia deployed personnel are supported by our 24/7/365 regional operations centre, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Human Resources – Personnel Vetting

As a company, we pride ourselves in our ability to hire, staff and retain an ethnically diverse group of local Somali personnel ensuring clan diversity and the ability to conduct operations across the country. Vates Somalia has a strong stable of internationally trained and vetted security personnel, many of whom formerly served in military and other government agencies, together with international mentors and advisors.

In addition to security personnel, our local engagement and staffing activities may be utilised in other areas of recruitment of Somali subject matter and technical experts, to project design and local project management. We also provide mitigation assistance and engagement at the grass roots level, to elders and senior officials to assist our customers who benefit from our existing relationships, local knowledge, and experience to effectively implement projects throughout Somalia.

We have in place systems and processes to effectively vet personnel through local clan, family and tribal screening, as well as through our links into local security agencies. 

Close Protection and Secure Transport

Vates Somalia has a large pool of qualified local and international close protection officers with extensive experience conducting close protection operations throughout Somalia. We have available armoured vehicles for short or long-term lease, as well as English-speaking local drivers trained to operate client armoured vehicles. Our security teams are multi-clan, vetted and employed on full time basis with experience supporting VIP movements, and secure transport throughout Somalia. A number of our personnel and teams have also been trained and support bespoke movement requirements from security advance, to counter surveillance, and other low-profile missions which blend with the local environment or augment secure movements within urban areas. 

Crisis Response Management and Evacuation Services

Vates Somalia personnel have worked on many complex cases providing crisis response management, and evacuation services of personnel and assets across Somalia. We have existing relationships with aviation and medical evacuation providers, with developed plans and proven procedures to support almost any eventuality. Our personnel understand the local environment, and are augmented by an extensive local network, with access into even the most complex areas of the country. Our team is supported by the Nairobi Vates Regional Operations Centre, which is staffed to support our regional customers on a 24/7/365 basis, with the ability to deploy qualified personnel as required.

Logistics and Local Support Services

Vates Somalia provides support to our customers with local logistics and facilitation requirements across the country. Our support services range from local procurement to rental of villas or secure accommodation, armoured vehicle hire and long-term leasing, to purchase of supplies. We also assist a number of our customers with airport meet and greet, and other local engagement with ministries to include customs and immigration support, and assistance with applications for entry or work permits and multi-entry visas.