Security Vulnerability Assessments

Vates Corp, Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is conducted to identify and quantify vulnerability, threats and risks to clients’ personnel, projects and infrastructure.

To effectively operate in Sub-Saharan Africa and across the world will require accurate and timely intelligence. Furthermore, businesses will require insight into cultures, perceptions, beliefs and decision making processes of key individuals or groups.

We deploy our personnel to assess, identify and understand the complexities and local aspects that threaten or create vulnerability and risk for our clients' operations. Our risk management team will interpret the information, identifying risks and vulnerabilities measured through a process to include technological solutions that enable our team to rapidly import, track and analyse data from a wide range or sources. Our reports will provide cost effective mitigation measures enabling balanced and informed decisions by our clients operating in complex and difficult environments.

Recent Experience

Vates personnel have conducted recent vulnerability threat and risk assessments for oil & gas clients, governments, international corporations and international organisations.

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