Our Profile

The origin of the name Vates Corp, comes from the English-Latin noun vatès, a term for a 'prophet' or 'fortune teller'. Research and analysis is the backbone of our business in our intelligence-led approach to operations.

Vates Corp provides analysis, risk assessments and specialised consultancy enabling companies to understand and mitigate threats and risks when operating in dynamic and complex environments. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, our focus is countries in the Horn, Eastern and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our dedicated services and products evaluate the political and security risks within a country to understand what events mean and forecast what may happen next.

Our unique, forward looking approach seeks to enable companies and organisations to prepare and implement mitigation measures to effectively manage operational risks. 

Our Team

Our team comprises a diversity of experience and backgrounds in Law, Special Operations Forces, International Development and business risk management. We have a small, dedicated team with extensive operational expertise, cultural knowledge and worldwide experience. Since 2008, our senior leadership team has been living and working in the key countries in our product portfolio and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our team is complemented by a developed network of local sources that provide relevant, timely, credible perspectives. We seek to continually challenge ourselves and propose new outlooks.