Population: 96,633,458
Capital: Addis Ababa
Heads of govt: President Mulatu Teshome Wirtu; Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
Next elections: Presidential Oct 2019; Parliamentary 2020

Summary of Latest Report - Ethiopia

  • 20180906 Ethiopia Situational Analysis, Aug 23 – Sep 05, 2018

    Security developments:

    - Oromia militia accused of killing at least 13 ethnic Somalis;

    - SNNPR officials indicted for violence;

    - Gambella state and South Sudan Boma State sign MOU on security cooperation;

    - Landslide in SNNPR kills at least 12.

    Political developments:

    - Former Somali region leader and six other officials arrested after losing immunity;

    - OLF and OFC hint at political merger;

    - ONLF declares support for new interim regional leader;

    - Public hearings on anti-terrorism and CSO reforms commence;

    - PM Abiy rules out election postponement;

    - Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia sign Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement;

    - Chinese President pledges US $60 billion to Africa in the China-Africa Forum;

    - GERD civil construction workers end strike following agreement; METEC loses dam contract.

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