Population: 10,428,043
Capital: Mogadishu
Heads of govt: President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo); Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire
Next elections: 2020/2021

Summary of Latest Report - Somalia

  • 20180830 Somalia Situational Analysis, Aug 16 – Aug 29, 2018

    Security developments:

    - Current credible threats to Mogadishu;

    - ISIS claims targeted shooting in Hodan, Mogadishu;

    - IED targets former SNA deputy chief’s convoy near Ceel Waregow, Lower Shabelle;

    - Heavy engagements with al-Shabaab in Marka district, Lower Shabelle;

    - U.S. airstrike kills two al-Shabaab fighters at Muudey Qalaf area, north of Kismayo;

    - Al-Shabaab launches direct attack on SNA base in Daynuunay, Bay, killing four soldiers;

    - Separate IED and attack on SNA position in Balcad district, Middle Shabelle;

    - Al-Shabaab activities and general security threat to Puntland;

    - Fire destroys property and weapons at Puntland Security Force armoury, Bosaso;

    - Al-Kataib releases video of the direct attack on Bariire Danab Base in Sep 2017.

    Political developments:

    - Sudan Intelligence Chief visits Mogadishu for talks with Somalia’s intelligence agency;

    - Demonstrations against Jubaland administration in Gedo;

    - Two more declare their candidacy for the South West presidential election;

    - Government directs INGOs to base themselves in Somalia, pay taxes and hire nationals;

    - Mogadishu seaport customs manager implicated in corruption;

    - Somaliland President signs Rape and Sexual Offences Law.

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