Population: 10,428,043
Capital: Mogadishu
Heads of govt: President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmajo); Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire
Next elections: 2020/2021

Summary of Latest Report - Somalia

  • 20180802 Somalia Situational Analysis, Jul 19 – Aug 01, 2018

    Security developments:

    - Somalia Data Analysis: Comparative Jun – Jul 2018 – Incident Overview;

    - Stablisation Forces removed and replaced by SNA and police units in Mogadishu;

    - Direct attack on Afgoye checkpoint; Asymmetric attacks along the Afgoye Corridor;

    - ISIS claims IED attack at Elasha Biyaha, Afgoye Corridor; Further indications of links between Puntland - ISIS faction and ISIS cells in Mogadishu;

    - Al-Shabaab overrun Bar Sanguuni SNA Combat Outpost with at least six soldiers killed;

    - Al-Shabaab briefly enter Qalimow, Middle Shabelle after SNA reversal; Attacks along Mogadishu-Baidoa, Mogadishu-Jowhar MSRs;

    - Separate Indirect Fire attacks on the outskirts of Barawe and offshore Barawe;

    - SVIED kills two former government officials in Buhodle, Togdheer region;

    - Puntland deputy police commissioner shot dead in Galkayo North, Mudug;

    - Al-Shabaab enter Af Urur, Bari region after Puntland Darwish forces withdraw from base;

    - KDF accused of destroying telecommunications mast near Ceel Waq, Gedo;

    - Al-Kataib releases new propaganda video showing al-Shabaab attacks across Somalia.

    Political developments:

    - AMISOM mandate extended for ten months;

    - FGS and Eritrea resume diplomatic relations after 15 years;

    - Somaliland election committee announces plans for 2019 parliamentary elections;

    - Somaliland parliament rejects Upper House amendments and approves original draft Rape Bill.


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