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SPECIAL REPORT: 20160407 Somalia Election 2016 – The Road to Villa Somalia - No. 6

After a four month standoff, on Apr 03, a breakthrough was achieved between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Puntland in support of the 2016 electoral process. The deal is an important achievement, and is complemented by the mandate extension of UNSOM until Mar 17, 2017, to support preparation for a fair and transparent electoral process in 2016. While one major obstacle to the legitimacy of the election process has been removed, potential road blocks lay ahead. Meetings are expected from Apr 09, on technical requirements and to enable elections to be implemented. These technical meetings will be followed by, and the electoral process subject to, a Federal Parliament vote on Apr 15. Against the backdrop of the FGS-Puntland deal, presidential contenders are emerging, while political accommodation and controversy continues to rumble over the formation of federal member states. This is likely to heighten election fervour and clan tensions, with a possibility that al-Shabaab and other political spoilers may undertake targets of opportunity with the increased presence of high level delegations traversing the country. This sixth edition of our election analysis series examines the latest political and security developments, what it means for Somalia’s elections in 2016, and what may happen next.

The Special Report can be viewed by clicking the link: SOMALIA ELECTION 2016 - The Road to Villa Somalia - No. 6

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