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SPECIAL REPORT: 20160128 Somalia Election 2016 – The Road to Villa Somalia

This is the first report in a series covering the 2016 Somalia elections. As a special offer we are providing this analysis available complimentary for viewing on our website.

The election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and a new parliament in Sep 2012 saw the establishment of Somalia’s first permanent government in over 20 years and was celebrated as a major step towards a new political chapter for the country. President Mohamud, who was elected by a parliament selected by clan elders, promised to oversee the transition to democracy by 2016.  Elections are scheduled to take place in Aug 2016. The third National Consultative Forum (NCF) held in Mogadishu that began on Jan 24, sought to finalise the 2016 electoral process, after the two earlier meetings failed to achieve consensus. Following reports that the talks during the latest NCF had broken down, a communique was issued on the 2016 election model late on Jan 27. It is understood that the diplomatic community lobbied stakeholders to come back to the negotiating table.

The Communique conceded that the lengthy negotiations had not produced a consensus, but the Federal Government went on to share what it termed as the ‘best scenario for holding elections in 2016’. A lack of resolved outcome indicates there remain obstacles to the viability of an inclusive election in Aug. With time waning, pressure is on Somali leaders to present an implementation plan and a 2016-2020 political roadmap.

The Special Report can be viewed by clicking the link: SOMALIA ELECTION 2016 – The Road to Villa Somalia.

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